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Ones you have established that you would like to have an online presence there are many different options for getting a website.
It is important to realize that a website needs to have a proper HTML coding foundation so that you can make changes to it and it can expand and amend, as technology changes rapidly.
A quick fix or Do-It-Yourself website seems to start out cheap, but will often end up to be limited, insufficient and expensive.
At StudioWoW we will create a structure that combines knowledge and creativity and you can be sure to have a Return-of-Investment out of it.

websites templates
website templates
websites templates
website template

One Page Website Web page

An One-Page website is the most cost effective way to have a great web presence. It has all the functions of a multi-pager but it has less code work, and internal navigation on the page.

For Mobile and Tablet use an one-pager is ideal, because the visitor can see all information by scrolling down.

The StudioWoW website is a good example of a One-Page Website.

website template
website template
website template
website template

Multi Page Website

A multi-pager is excellent for growing businesses. With a clear structure it can be expanded with unlimited pages.

It is dynamic and provides flexibility.

The multi-pagers offer the best options and a large variety of page possibilities and design and lay-out options.

Like all the our sites, the multi-pager adapts to all sizes of screens.

website template
website template
website template

Content Self Management

If your content on the website needs regular updating and changes, we will build a CMS website with a back-end where the you are able to make your own changes.

You will be able to manage your own site, without having to know any coding.

A CMS website is composed of modules which can be modified as needed.

A perfect option for customers that need calenders, event planners, newsletters, shopping cards, photo galleries etc.

Tailored Advice

Please don't hesitate to contact us for advice on what website will be the best option for you. By thinking along with our customers, we strive to provide the best service for all our customers. All our sites are created with great care and creativity. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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